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Natural incense

Cleansing Your Space

Why is it important to clear your space?


Have you ever walked into a social setting and immediately felt bad vibes radiating throughout the room? Or felt on edge in someone’s presence, as if you have to walk on eggshells around them? This is your body reacting to the different energetic fields generated within various settings, around people or even objects. You can often feel if it is more of a positive or negative energy going around as different energy types vibrate at different frequencies.  


When you encounter places or people giving off bad vibes, it can manifest into a dark energy. That energy can cling to you, linger in your home, and cause internal issues over time. It can affect your energy levels and leave you feeling constantly mentally and physically drained. 

Therefore, it is essential that you cleanse not only our sacred spaces, such as your home (or anywhere we may spend a great deal of time), but also yourself, to avoid the accumulation of this dark energy. Practicing cleansing will ensure that our auric field is shielded from negative radiation. We recommend cleansing yourself and your sacred spaces whenever you feel anxious, stressed, or drained.  


Yet, cleansing your space doesn't always have to be about banishing negative energy. It can also be an excellent way to revitalise and bring clarity to your state of mind, especially if you have been feeling stagnant lately.


You can cleanse your home or any other significant spaces in your life by using incense sticksnatural incense, and floral smoke bundles which will clear the negative energy from your space and create a calm and inviting environment.


Here is a step-by-step guide to cleanse your space using Darnoo's fave cleansing tool, natural incense:

1) Start by opening your windows and doors, as natural incense gets reallyyyy smoky!

2) Break a small piece off the natural incense (try not to use a piece too big as it will smoke for hours on end); 

3) Use a lighter or match to burn one side of your small piece of natural incense until it starts to become smoky;

4) Pop it into either a brass hanging burner, cauldron, or selenite bowl and walk around the space you're cleansing;

5) Whilst you are cleansing your sacred space, state your intention/affirmation out loud. 

This last part is especially important. For example, if you feel there is a negative energy within your home, your intention could be: "Please cleanse the energy in my body, my home and my spirit. Whatever does not serve my highest purpose can now leave through the windows, doors and cracks. I ask that the divine universal source allows my home to be filled with loving, uplifting, and positive energy". After all, our home should be our sanctuary where we can relax and leave the outside world behind. 

All in all, cleansing is a ritual that you should try to practice as often as possible in order to maintain immaculate vibes in your environment. It will simultaneously get rid of any negative energy in your sacred space, and successfully restore vitality to your mind, body and soul.

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