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Crystal pairings

Do's & Don'ts of Crystal Pairings

Do you ever wonder if there’s any crystals you CAN or CAN’T wear together?
Well short answer is... not really. When it comes to pairing crystals, the first rule is to listen to your intuition. Overall, we’d simply recommend for you to be mindful of the properties of both crystals and what you’re trying to achieve while wearing them; as they could have very different energy types and send contradictory vibes to your body. For example, pairing a fiery Carnelian with a soothing Aquamarine might not be the best as they could cancel each other’s energies and left you feeling a bit unsettled.  

For me personally, when putting together a layering set, I first decide on the main crystal piece that I want to set my intentions with; and then think about another crystal I want to pair it with that has similar properties. This way, you’ll really make the most of what they have to offer and they will enhance each other’s magickal powers! 
    If you are still unsure, start with pairing your favourite crystal necklace with an energy amplifying crystal such as Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is famously known for its ability to amplify the energy of other crystals around them & energise them to run at a higher frequency. So, if you want a super buzzy crystal, wear Clear Quartz with it! 
    Our team has put together a list of their favourite crystals to pair and explained why, we hope you find the below helpful! 
    • Carnelian & Black Tourmaline (Darnoo’s faveee crystal pairing): These crystals work together amazingly, as they both have protective properties! Black tourmaline brings you a sense of security, while Carnelian will assist you in feeling an energy of acceptance and safety. 
    • Peridot & Citrine (My personal fave!): I love wearing these two crystals together as they allow you to pursue your goals and bring them to life, while simultaneously banishing negative energy.
    • Pink Tourmaline & Smoky Quartz: Pair these crystals together if you are needing emotional support in your life, as they both relieve feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. 
    • Amethyst & Clear Quartz: As previously mentioned earlier Clear Quartz is an amazing crystal to amplify the properties of other crystals they are around! Amethyst works well with Clear Quartz, as they both retain a positive and soothing energy, making this pairing excellent to use whilst meditating to reach a higher spiritual level! 
    • Garnet & Citrine: This crystal combo is also a current favourite of mine! They both contain motivational properties that will enhance your creativity, confidence and boost your energy levels!
    • Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz: If you are looking to improve relationships in your life or ignite your self love, this is the perfect crystal pairing for you! Rose Quartz will restore your trust in relationships, as well as boost your self-esteem and confidence. Clear Quartz will help to amplify and enhance these properties if you feel like you need a bit of extra help in these aspects of your life! 
    • Labradorite & Moonstone: These flashy crystals work hand in hand as they both promote inner growth that will allow you to feel a sense of empowerment, as well as stimulating your intuition to guide you in life!
    In the end, just keep in mind that everyone is different, so just trust in your intuition and pair crystals that you feel will help you be your best-self and manifest your intentions into a reality! 


    - Kimera x 

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