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Tips & Tricks for Layering your Crystal Necklaces

Tips & Tricks for Layering your Crystal Necklaces

Sooo, you want to learn how to pick out the perfect layering set?!

We know it can be a little overwhelming at first to pick which layering chains, pendant and crystal necklaces can form the perfect layering set- especially if you are still fairly new in the world of crystals and still learning all about their magickal properties!

The first thing we recommend is choosing a crystal necklace in the metal of your choice (gold, silver or rose gold) that you are immediately drawn to and captures your attention orrrr choosing a crystal that you feel really resonates with what you are currently going through in your life.

For example, if you feel like you often experience feelings of stress and anxiety, Smoky Quartz is an amazinggg crystal to help relieve stressful and anxious thoughts/feelings you may have. Smoky Quartz allows its wearer to feel emotional calmness and experience emotional support during difficult times.

Once you have intuitively picked the crystal necklace of your choice, you can then start to work around this main piece and choose a few other necklaces to layer it with. The following are collections you can choose from to layer with your main piece - they are all available in gold, rose gold and silver:

Layering chains 
Crystal droplets collection 
Pendants collection 

Here at Botanical H2o, all of our collections come in a variety of necklace lengths to cater for absolutely everyone’s needs! All our custom wrapped crystal necklaces start at a 14-inch length and go all the way up to a 30-inch length. Our layering chains, crystal droplet range, pendants and ‘I am protected’ collections also start at a 14-inch length and go up to a 22-inch length, a part from our Coven layering chain which only comes in a 22-inch length, however you can adjust this layering chain to any length you please!

As a rule of thumb, we usually recommend our customers leaving a 4-inch space between each layer, as this reduces the likelihood of your necklaces getting tangled. However, I personally leave a 2-inch space between my necklaces when I layer, depending on how big the crystal/pendant is. For example, my go-to layering set at the moment includes the following necklaces:

14-inch Juni layering chain
16-inch Peridot crystal droplet necklace
18-inch Citrine crystal necklace
22-inch Abundance pendant

With this layering set I am able to layer the 14-inch juni layering chain, 16-inch Peridot droplet and 18-inch Citrine necklaces since there is a sufficient amount of space between each necklace to layer properly.

Darnoo’s go-to layering set includes:

This is just a little guide for anyone who needs help putting together a layering set or to gain some insight of what length necklaces to use when layering, so your necklaces sit perfectly!

Below displays the two different ways to layer, which is the "V" and "U" shape of layering: 


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