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Permanent Jewellery 101

Permanent Jewellery 101


What is Permanent Jewellery?  

Inspired by traditional friendship jewellery like bracelets and necklaces for adults, permanent jewellery gifts are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. They offer a unique style alongside creating an experience that strengthens the bond of any companionship.  

Building on the look of traditional, hand-woven friendship bracelets, permanent jewellery offers a chic, sophisticated look made from various precious metals. Botanical H2o’s permanent jewellery is made of 14k Gold, Rose Gold filled chains and solid Sterling Silver. After choosing a design for you or your best friends, the permanent jewellery is soldered or welded onto your person by professionals.  

How Does Permanent Friendship Jewellery Work?  

Receiving permanent jewellery is a safe, quick, and easy process to complete, so there is no need for concern. Our expert jewellers measure your chosen chain, cut it, and then place it around your wrist or ankle to find the perfect fit. They will connect both ends using a ‘jump ring’, which is then closed seamlessly with an arc welder.  

Most appointments will only last around 15 minutes so that you can enjoy the effects of your permanent jewellery in no time at all!  

Going through this experience with your best friends and relatives offers a unique bonding moment that symbolises your commitment to each other. Suppose you are looking to commemorate milestone moments, such as your bridal showers, anniversaries, or birthdays – a piece of permanent jewellery can be a stunning option.  

While you will still be able to make your way through airport security, if the time comes when a piece of permanent jewellery needs to be removed, you can easily cut through the ring or book a return visit to our team, and we will remove the piece safely for you.  

Stunning Jewellery Gifts for Friends  

When we think of friendship bracelets, it likely conjures images of young teens swapping carefully designed, hand-made jewellery pieces to express how much they care for the friends they see on a daily basis. 

Unfortunately, as adults, we don’t always get to enjoy the same feelings of connection and companionship as we once did. Work & family commitments can get in the way, and suddenly it becomes so difficult to show our friends the attention they deserve.  

So, how can you show your nearest and dearest how much you treasure their friendship? Why not take inspiration from these classic friendship bracelets and answer that question with some beautiful jewellery gifts for your best friends?  


Why Consider Best Friend Jewellery for Adults? 

Jewellery is known for being an intimate gift, and is also incredibly versatile, symbolising everything from wisdom, to love, to prosperity. By extension, friendship jewellery has always been a solid emblem of the bonds between friends. When worn by your best friends, they serve as constant reminders of your closeness, and even if you may not get to see each other as often as you would like, you will have something that always keeps you thinking of one another.  

Gifting jewellery can communicate the depth of a relationship and reinforce the experiences and memories that make up your friendship. But how do you decide which type of jewellery gift to choose for adults? To help you, here are some ideas of best friend jewellery for adults to show just how much you care.  

Permanent Jewellery Bracelets & Gifts for Friends 

What better way to cement a lifelong friendship between adults than with a piece of permanent jewellery? This jewellery can feel like a second skin and serve as a tangible life reminder of your commitment to your best friends. 100% painless and undoubtedly stunning, permanent jewellery bracelets are durable and high-quality, so they will continue to look their best. If this form of best friend jewellery for adults speaks to you, why not look at our range at Botanical H2O for beautiful, perfectly fitted designs?   

Crystal Jewellery Gifts for Best Friends  

What can be more intimate when celebrating your closest friendships than sharing unique and specially chosen crystal bracelets or necklaces to radiate positive energy and support your loved one’s wellbeing? A thoughtful and considerate option of best friend jewellery for adults, crystal jewellery gifts look visually stunning and offer healing properties that can transform energies in your friends’ souls & homes.  

Can I buy Crystal Jewellery Gifts for my Best Friends?  

Raw, healing crystal necklaces have been used for thousands of years in many cultures for their healing properties. Botanical H2o’s jewellery designs are crafted with love and care and allow you the chance to select the perfect piece to celebrate with the friends around you. Even better, crystal jewellery can be gifted in various forms, including necklaces, bracelets, and rings and are a consistently popular choice of friendship jewellery, never to go out of style.  

 At Botanical H2O, we offer a diverse selection of crystal jewellery gifts for best friends so that you can find the perfect piece to represent and strengthen your bonds. If you are interested in discovering the natural power of crystals to care for and honour your friends, why not browse our collection today?    

Find Stunning Best Friend Jewellery for Adults at Botanical H2O 

At Botanical H2O, we understand how important it is for our customers to cement their bonds with their best friends in a way they can treasure forever. To cater to this desire, we have provided a wide selection of lovingly crafted jewellery and crystal pieces for adults and officially launched our permanent jewellery range!  

You can choose jewellery gifts for friends in a variety of 14-carat gold-filled and sterling silver chains to best symbolise your friendship in this entirely safe, fun-filled experience. We offer a range of cable, roll and fantasy chains to wear as a bracelet or anklet so that you and your best friends can enjoy a design you love. You can also wear your piece daily in all conditions and environments, including water, without them becoming tarnished 

 To keep your piece of permanent jewellery looking their best, we recommend polishing them every few months so that they can maintain their stunning appearance.  

All you need to do to enjoy your piece of permanent jewellery today is book an appointment! For more information about our services and collections of eye-catching friendship jewellery, contact us at Botanical H2O today, and we will strive to help you in any way we can. 

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