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🌻 Setting your intention in to your crystal necklace 🌻

This is a little bit of a long post - so buckle up 🙊

You guys have probably heard me say ALOT in my stories or in person, to set your intention in to your crystal jewelry when it arrives so that it can work its magic for you.

It is so imperative to do this because your crystal needs to know exactly what you want it to do - it needs to know its purpose.

You would have already chosen your crystal because you were drawn to it for its beauty or for its healing purposes so you already know what it is you want from it - but now you need to tune it. So... What do you have to do to set your intention? Its actually quite easy!

 Now, personally for me - I need to have a clear headspace and a quiet room to do this.

 1. I will start with cleansing my crystal (usually using selenite so that is extra charged up and vibing).
2. Then I will cleanse my space using palo santo, sage or incense.
3. I prefer to use my bedroom because its my relaxation space. I will sit on my bed and meditate with my piece of jewellery until I feel like the timing is right and im connected to it.
4. I simply ask my crystal to do what I need it to do for me. As an example - if I am going to wear Black Tourmaline (fave example 😂👏) then I am going to ask it for protection. Even if you have a certain person or place you want protection from - TELL IT. If im going to wear my Smoky Quartz - I'll ask it to keep me grounded, clear headed and ease my anxiety.
5. Repeat your intentions or set new ones in to your crystal frequently.

Pour love, respect & gratitude into your new piece. Keep it cleansed and happy because it will work so hard for its new wearer.
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