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Cleansing crystals with water is a powerful way to energetically cleanse & recharge them (and also helpful to remove dust if you've had them on display a while 😜).

However, not all crystals can be submerged or touched by water. Some will break apart, some will release toxins while others will dissolve.

Here's a little list of some crystals I use for our jewellery which you should not put in water: 

 Selenite All Calcites (honey, green, blue, etc) Lepidolite
Celestite Hematite Quartz Malachite
Tanzanite Blue Apatite/Golden Apatite White Howlite
Pyrite Labradorite Kunzite
Rainbow Fluorite Apophyllite Astrophyllite
Sodalite Rhodonite Dumortierite
Danburite Amazonite Chrysocolla

You can save this and look back on it whenever you feel the urge to submerge your crystals (this includes in the ocean).

General rule of thumb - any crystal ending in 'ite' just avoid putting in water.

These crystals in particular are 5 or below on the Mohs Hardness scale which is why they should not be put in water. The Mohs Hardness scale is a scale from 1-10 that tests the hardness of certain minerals by testing the resistance of them.
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