Wearing your crystal necklaces daily depending on your energy needs, you will find yourself empowered and reminded of the fact that “you are enough, you are loved and protected, always”. You can’t always put words on why you feel drawn to a certain crystal. It could be it’s simple and raw beauty, or it could be that the piece is sensing that you could be in need of its properties at this specific time. Either way, we are sure you can find a crystal necklace to suit your needs when browsing our online collection.

The Healing Power Behind Raw Crystal Necklaces

If you find yourself stuck in an emotional rut, in need of luck or require some inner sight, give your energy a boost by wearing one of our beautiful raw crystal necklaces. Hand-crafted with positive intention and cleansed before going out our doors to reach their full potential in their new home, our natural crystal necklaces make the ultimate addition to your jewellery collection. Allow them to help balance and calm your mind; illuminate your skin with their soft shimmering colours; simply work their magic and enlighten the world around us. It's the easiest way to promote wellness within yourself. With delicate chains, stunning crystals and unique, these necklaces are all about empowered self-expression. Before you place your order, rest assured each raw crystal piece available online has been intuitively selected, cleansed, handmade with love and will make great gifts for yourself, friends or loved ones who could use a little bit of crystal magic in their lives.

Review Our Selection of Raw Healing Crystal Necklaces & More Online

Feel protected by the light that shines from these raw crystal necklaces. Wear it every day for strength, courage, confidence and enlightenment. These unique pieces are handmade to create an heirloom quality statement piece. Browse our online selection of handmade, raw crystal necklaces available to buy across Australia, or our wider collection of raw crystals, layering chains, crystal droplets, pendants, and more. Contact our team, or visit our boutique, and we can chat in a longer conversation about your specific needs.