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Front Door Protection Kit

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Whether you're seeking to spiritually fortify your home's defences or cultivate a warm and inviting ambiance, transform your home's energy with our Front Door Protection Pack, offering essential tools for spiritual safeguarding and positive vibes.

What's Inside:

  • Bell: Hang this bell near your front door to harness the power of sound vibrations, ushering in positive energy while warding off unwelcome spirits.
    Black Tourmaline: Repel negative energy and create a protective barrier with the grounding properties of black tourmaline.
    Rose Quartz: Welcome love and harmony into your home with the gentle, nurturing energy of rose quartz.
    Citrine: Invite abundance and prosperity into your space with the radiant energy of citrine.
    Salt Vial: Absorb unwanted energy and purify your surroundings with the cleansing properties of salt.
    Algiz Card: Harness the symbol of protection with the Algiz card, infusing your intentions with an extra layer of spiritual shield.
    Evil Eye: Ward off malevolent intentions and protect against negativity with the powerful talisman of the Evil Eye.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Tailored Protection: Each crystal is handpicked for its unique properties, ensuring optimal effectiveness in creating a harmonious and protected environment.
    Positive Vibes: Elevate your home's energy with a blend of protective and welcoming elements.
    Easy Integration: Simple to use and incorporate into your daily routine for effortless spiritual maintenance.
    Personalised Intention: Infuse each item with your own intentions, amplifying their protective power according to your desires.