Our chains are handcrafted in our Mandurah studio by our skilful team. They come with a protective coating to keep them from tarnishing to continue help you create your own unique style. Our layering chains are simple in design, yet elegant, subtle and timeless which allows you to wear them daily.

Why Choose Layering Necklaces & Chains from Botanical H2o

Dainty, elegant, and delicate yet timeless; layering chains are perfect to wear daily or for a special occasion. Layer them with pendants and crystal necklaces to create sophisticated vibes or to curate the perfect energy combo! Find comfort and confidence in knowing that what you are wearing is truly unique and yours.

Our tip: leave a 4” gap between each crystal necklace/pendants/layering chain to create an airy and elegant look! It will give enough room for each piece to be noticed and appreciated. You can also have a browse on our social media pages for layering and pairing inspiration.

Layer Necklaces & Chains – Perfect Your Collection or a Gift for Someone Special

Jewellery pieces that are sure to become the ones you reach for every day. Handmade in Australia, browse our range of gold and silver layering chains either for yourself, or as a gift for someone special. Alternatively, take a look at our wider collection of crystal droplets, pendants, necklaces, raw crystals and more.