Garnet Droplets - Silver (14 to 22 inch length)

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Chakra: Crown


Garnet represents the creation of life, passion and sensuality. By releasing a grounded, passionate and sensual energy flow throughout your body, Garnet is going to decimate any stagnant energy that you are aiming to grow apart from, and force positive change in to your life.

Applicable to all genders, Garnet increases your libido and helps to harness romantic and sexual energy - making it a fantastic crystal to wear in the bedroom, before a date, when your partner comes home from work or just some self lovin'.

Want to make changes happen in your life or within yourself? Using a fiery crystal like Garnet will instil deep change & help transform yourself into the person that you desire to become or be.

Want to bring romance and fire back to your relationship? Awaken your deepest desires with Garnet

.925 silver electroplated.

Please check measurements prior placing your order. 14 inch length is a chocker size.

  Your crystal necklace will be intuitively picked for you. The pictures of this listing represent the quality & sizing you can expect to receive however please note that each crystal will be unique & one of a kind so each one will vary and may not be the one pictured.