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Moonstone - Silver

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 Chakra: Sacral

Feel sensual, bold, empowered and divine. As the moon cycles through its rhythm, encouraging another fresh start, Moonstone connects you with this cyclical energy — a reflection of your inner goddess. This crystal guides you to find equilibrium in your feminine nature. It shows you how to let go of control and trust your body and mind, while stimulating instinct, fertility and sensuality. From conception to pregnancy, Moonstone strengthens your connection to your divine feminine side, showing you how to intuitively care for yourself and your baby. By leaning into the natural rhythm of motherhood and fertility, you will learn to rely on instinct as you move calmly and confidently through every new phase of life.


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Your crystal necklace will be intuitively picked for you. The pictures of this listing represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive. However please note that each crystal is unique and one of a kind so each one will vary and may not be the one pictured.