Positive Vibes Herbal Smoke Bundle

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 Lemon Balm - Rose - Lavender - Clear Quartz


Handcrafted with homegrown Lemon Balm, Lavender and Rose from Western Australia, a Clear Quartz Point crystal + pure natural Australian cotton.


Bundles are intwined with magical herbs filled with positive energy entwined with a highly vibrational & power enhancer Clear Quartz crystal. All handcrafted with magic and intention.

Joy . Positivity . Balance

Lemon Balm has a very old magical history, used in folklore as the joy bringer, the sunshine, full of positive energy & vibes.

Lavender is one of the most calming magical herbs out there, the smoke of lavender works to energetically cleanse your area, removing negative energy & leave behind a harmonious and tranquil energy.

The bright colours of Rose lends her positive and uplifting healing energy, working to promote the alignment & bring balancing energy to your environment.

Clear Quartz a high vibrational crystal, works to align and balance all chakras, promoting balance and good vibes.

(Crystals due to their natural state will differ in appearance, each is cleansed & intuitively selected).

A magical smoke bundle perfect for use in any space you wish to promote positive energy & good vibes, to bring in the Sunshine & promote joy!

Note - each smoke bundle is individually handcrafted so each one will be different & unique, colours of Roses and Lavender varieties will vary due to season + availability.

Ignite the tip with a lighter/candle flame, carry under heat proof dish to catch any falling ash or herb & disperse its smoke around your home, you, or whatever you wish to cleanse the energy of. Once finished, leave on a heat proof dish to burn out.Never leave a smoking bundle unattended. Keep away from flammable items & out of children’s reach.