Butterfly 12

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  SPECIES  Assorted butterflies

 ORIGIN   Peru/ Indonesia/ Thailand/ Philippines 

 FRAME   33.5x37.5xD5cm. Made from recycled products. 

 DESCRIPTION  Beautiful collection of 12 x colourful butterfly species sourced from around the world.


Care of your framed insects

  • All frames are fumigated and are professionally prepared. As this is a natural product book lice may occur in your frame. Book lice are present in most environments, do not carry disease and are best dealt with by following the instructions below.
  • These tiny insects may be detected by black dust underneath the bug. ( Please note not all black dust is from mites - some dust may occur from material that has shed off the body during transport ). If you see tiny mites running around within the frame immediately place frame inside a plastic bag and put into freezer for a minimum of 72 hours then left out for a period of 7 days then repeat the freezing for 72 hours ( this will then kill any remaining eggs ). If you have a collection constant monitoring is highly recommended to avoid these tiny insects attacking your specimen. Keep framed specimens out of direct sunlight and keep in low humid areas. This will prevent mould and help prevent book lice.
  • Mould growing on your specimen. This may occur during high humid / rainy conditions where low air flow, humidity and sunlight combined may cause condensation which may cause mould. This may occur on one or all of your specimens. 

  • What to do.
  • Open back up ( leave hook side on ) carefully brush the mould off with small brush ( eg. makeup brush ) and leave out for 24 hours in a nice dry spot. Watch for ants. Clean glass whilst open – just in case any mould spores there. Also if you see any mould spores on the backboard gently brush away. Then tape back up with craft tape.

  • Correct care for your framed insect specimen will ensure many years of enjoyment. Do not leave unattended in box / on wall for long periods of time without monitoring.