Rustic Lavender & Amethyst Cleansing Smoke Bundles

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Rustic Lavender & Amethyst Cleansing Smoke Bundles - Single Bundle

Handcrafted with Lavender grown in Australia, a medium raw rough Amethyst crystal + rustic twine.

 Bundles are full of calming Lavender from within Australia, entwined with a highly spiritual Amethyst crystal. All handcrafted with magic and intention.

Calm ✨ Spiritual Awaken ✨ Harmonise 

Lavender is one of the most calming magical herbs out there, the smoke of lavender works to energetically cleanse your area, removing negative energy & leave behind a harmonious and tranquil energy.

Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone, and is well known for its spiritual activation properties, working to increase physic intuition and open strengthen the third eye. (Raw crystals are on average around 5-6cm long, due to their rustic natural states each stone will vary in appearance). 

A magical smoke bundle perfect for use prior to meditation, a calming bath, for the home, and to create sacred space.

Type of lavender used will depend on season + availability.

Ignite the tip with a lighter/candle flame, carry under heat proof dish to catch any falling ash or herb & disperse its smoke around your home, you, or whatever you wish to cleanse the energy of. Once finished, leave on a heat proof dish to burn out. Keep away from flammable items & out of children’s reach.