Botanical H2o's crystal droplet necklaces collection was also created for the minimalists out there who may not want a chunky crystal piece to wear every day, but still would like to carry around its energy. We have now 8 crystals available in the droplets range: Amethyst, Clear Quarz, Rainbow Moonstone, Black Tourmaline, Moss Agate, Herkimer, Smoky Quartz and Tigers Eye. With new additions to this range coming up in 2022, we have your energy needs covered. Our crystal droplets are also the perfect addition to your layering sets.

Crystal Droplet Necklaces are the Perfect Subtle yet Statement Piece

Do you want to feel more connected with your inner-self, Mother Earth or are in need of empowerment and protection? We have your back! Our crystal droplet necklaces range has been created to cover your daily essential energy needs: protection, self-confidence and healing.

As each crystal is hand-carved, no two is alike and you are guaranteed a unique, intuitively selected piece when placing an order with us. For those looking to let their neckline speak without using words, look no further than this collection of natural elegance that will complements any layering choice simply and elegantly. Unleash your inner-goddess by wearing one of Botanical H2o’s beautiful crystal droplet necklaces.

Find Your Favourite in Our Collection of Crystal Drop Necklaces

If you are searching for a powerful, timeless crystal droplet necklace, review our range available at Botanical H2o. Keep your journey going and also browse through our selection of layering chains, pendants, necklaces, raw crystals and more. To learn more, contact us today or visit us in our person at our boutique on the Mandurah foreshore, and we will help you find the item best-suited to your needs.