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Labradorite Droplets

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 Chakra: Crown 

Cleanse the negative self-talk and learn to appreciate yourself. When your confidence feels low, Labradorite refills your mojo. This crystal cleanses and protects your aura, while guiding you on a self-discovery journey that teaches you to celebrate who you are. Wearing Labradorite, you will find yourself calm and focused, and able to prioritise your tasks like a boss. It brings out the best in you, so you show the world the beautiful energy you have to offer. Labradorite reminds you that the magic you are searching for is actually within you, and is already working wonders in your life. This crystal promotes courage and perseverance.


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14ct gold electroplated.

  Your crystal necklace will be intuitively picked for you. The pictures of this listing represent the quality and sizing you can expect to receive. However, please note that each crystal is unique and you may not receive the one pictured.