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Our crystals

Our crystals are thoughtfully chosen, curated by connection and intuition. We allow ourselves to become drawn to each one, as each crystal finds us for a reason. Through the process of jewellery creation, we cleanse each crystal, removing the energy that lingers from those who have touched or handled the crystal before. This ensures each crystal is pure and recharged — and ready to serendipitously connect with its new owner.

When you choose your crystals, listen to your intuition. We believe the crystal you need will jump out at you; you will be drawn to it and feel deep inside that you need it. Tune in and listen to this guidance as you browse.

Care and longevity

To ensure the longevity of your jewellery, we recommend that you treat each piece like a treasure.


Remove your jewellery before doing any activity that risks physical damage or in situations you may sweat. Do not shower or swim in your jewellery, as water can damage certain types of crystals (especially crystals that end in -ite). Never spray perfume or rub lotions directly onto the jewellery, as chemicals may react with the plating and cause it to wear off. For this reason, we recommend you do not sleep in your jewellery pieces. Tarnishing is a natural process that may occur over time. While gold vermeil is more robust than some other gold-plating methods, it's not impervious to wear and tear.


Use a jewellery cloth to remove body oils and soil. Be gentle when polishing the jewellery by wiping instead of scrubbing.


When your jewellery is not being worn, store in a safe, dry place to protect against excessive light, heat or moisture, as it will deteriorate the quality of the plating. Store your pieces separately to avoid damage.

Our gold and silver necklace chains

Our gold and rose gold are 14k gold electroplated. Our silver is real silver electroplated. After electroplating, we treat each piece with a protective coating. This prolongs the durability of the plating and keeps them from tarnishing. This protective layer is susceptible to wear and tear; please follow our care instructions to maximise the lifetime and quality of your jewellery.

Our wire is made from high quality copper with a tarnish resistant coating. All of our pieces are nickel free.

Your jewellery collection

Your jewellery stack is a unique reflection of you. Botanical H2O pieces are designed to be stacked and matched how you like. Most of our chains are fitted with 3.5mm jump rings, so you can slide crystals and pendants on and off with ease. We offer necklace extenders to layer each piece to perfection.

Cleansing your crystals

Crystals are personal tools that are used to transform energy; they absorb vibrations and can be used to amplify, store and transmit your thoughts. Over time, as you love and wear your crystals, they will absorb negative and positive energy from the world around you. If your crystals no longer give you the same feelings they did before, it may be time for a cleanse. There are many ways to do this.

→ Selenite charging plates: Leave your crystal on a selenite charging plate for up to 6 hours or overnight.

→ Moonlight: Place your crystals outside under moonlight, so it gently penetrates and recharges your crystals. The full moons ’light is the brightest in the cycle, giving a greater charge to your crystals.

→ Incense smoke: Pass the crystal through the continuous flow of smoke from an incense stick, cleansing the crystal in a smoke bath.

→ White light: Use thought energy to cleanse your crystals. Hold the crystal, visualise bright white light surrounding it, then watch the light pass through the other side, removing stored energy as it goes.

→ Sunlight: Use the sun’s light to cleanse, charge and revitalise your crystals. Leave them outside or on the windowsill for 6 to 24 hours or from dawn to dusk.

Measurements and sizing

Necklace measurements include the length of the jump ring, clasp, and chain. As every chain is handmade, small discrepancies may occasionally be found; this handcrafted nature makes every piece beautifully unique. To find out which length to order: use a string to encircle around your neck, positioning it to match your desired necklace length. Mark the length, then straighten the string and measure it against a ruler.

View our necklace sizing charts.

For rings, at home: wrap a string around your finger, below the knuckle or where you would like the ring to sit. Make sure it is snug but not too tight. Mark the string where it meets, ensuring it fits over your knuckle. Use a ruler to measure the distance between the marks in millimetres. Find the closest match using our ring size guide.

Or visit us or any other jewellery store to have your ring size professionally measured.

View our ring sizing charts.