The appointment:

  • When selecting your preferred date/time on our website, you will be required to pay a $50 deposit - please note that all deposits are non-refundable. The remaining amount for the chosen service will be charged at the boutique's location on the day of your appointment.

  • You can reschedule your appointment up to 24h prior your booked time. If you fail to do so and do not attend on the day, your $50 deposit will be lost

  • We allocate 20-minutes per appointment, please arrive earlier than your booked time to ensure everyone can make the most of their experience. If you arrive late, we offer a 5-minutes grace period due to unforeseen circumstances and will provide you with a rescheduled booking, time permitting. 

  • Please book one 20-minutes appointment per person if you are booking this experience for yourself and a friend or relative.

  • You will be required to sign a waiver form on arrival, if you are under 16, please bring your parent/guardian along as they will be required to sign the form for you to get your permanent jewellery piece.

The jewellery / care instructions:

  • Our permanent jewellery is made using 14k gold filled and solid sterling silver chains, meaning you can wear your bracelet or another soldered piece every day, even in water! 

  • You can also use your standard skincare products while wearing our permanent jewellery. Simply avoid contact with any harsh chemicals contained in cleaning products and alcohol-based perfumes. We recommend polishing your soldered bracelet or anklet every few months to keep them nice and shiny.
  • You will not need to remove your permanent jewellery at airport security. If for any reason you need to remove your soldered bracelet or friendship jewellery, we recommend cutting it through the ring, or for you to come and see us.

  • We are unable to repair or re-weld permanent jewellery pieces that were not originally purchased through us. We recommend getting in touch with the business which performed the service in the first place if you are in need of a repair or re-weld for your existing piece.

The jewellery / exchange or refunds:

  • All permanent jewellery pieces are custom cut, hence we do not provide refunds or exchanges for change of mind. 

  • Make sure you are happy with the fit of your permanent piece and take onboard the advice of our jeweller on the day of your appointment, as we are unable to subtract links at a later date without incurring a service fee. 

  • We offer a 30-days warranty on all permanent jewellery pieces and are able to replace at no cost your chain / jump ring if it has stretched or come apart if:
    - you are still in possession of the chain
    - it was not intentionally damaged / pulled
    - you can provide us the proof of purchase
    - you have followed the care instruction provided on the day and disclosed on our website

  • Outside of the 30-days warranty, there will be a $20 charge to replace a damaged jump ring.

  • Outside of the 30-days warranty, there will be a $20 charge to shorten your permanent bracelet/anklet. 

  •  You will have to purchase a new chain if you need to lengthen your permanent bracelet/anklet.

  • If you need to have your permanent jewellery removed by our jeweller, there will be a charge of $5. It will be cut at the jump ring and you will be able to keep the chain. We can solder it back on at a later date for a fee of $20. 

  • If discolouration occurs within the 30-days warranty, your chain will be inspected by our jeweller to determine if the care instructions were followed thoroughly and if you will be eligible for an exchange / credit. 

Please note that Permanent Jewellery is not recommended for individuals who have a pacemaker because of the welding process.

If you have any further questions about our permanent jewellery, please email bookings@botanicalh2o.com.au.