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Sometimes heart and mind are at war. By the end of the day, what you’d hoped to achieve is not what occurred. Your mind races one thousand miles per minute, your focus drifts, distractions arise, and your moods shift rapidly. Moments of deep focus are hard to obtain, and you feel your time and energy could be better spent — if only you felt more aligned.


Take a breath, and rest easier, with this crystal pack that supports you through ADHD. These crystals are chosen to ground and stabilise you, gently removing negative thoughts of guilt and overwhelm. With a clearer mindset, you will be uplifted into mental clarity and focus, as you connect with rational thinking and calm logic. With these crystals held close, your thoughts will soothe and motivate you — no longer brain-fog you. Sharp focus is within reach.

In this pack, you will find each of the following tumbled crystals:

  Rainbow Fluorite: For removing brain fog

Tigers Eye: For relief of anxiety and overwhelm

Moss Agate: For grounding and calming

Amazonite: For balancing mood swings

 Sodalite: For rational thinking and logic