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Nurse's Pack

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The act of nursing is a continuous energy exchange. As you heal others, you selflessly harness your physical and emotional energy, leaving you feeling zapped. This crystal pack helps you recharge and restore, so you can give more.

Use this crystal pack to protect your spiritual and emotional energy amongst chaos and pain. With these crystals held close, you will soothe burnout and stress, aid the processing of trauma, and build clearer communication with patients and peers. 

As a healthcare professional, protecting your energy is selfless. Your strength is the most kind, caring way to serve others. It enables you to be an unshakeable eye in the storm; their rock when things feel impossible. Instead of sacrificing your health, these crystals aid you in remaining strong and calm — and becoming a force to be reckoned with as you devotedly heal others.

In this pack, you will find each of the following tumbled crystals:

• Lepidolite: For soothing burnout and emotional stress

• Kunzite: For aiding trauma and encouraging openness

• Rose Quartz: For unconditional love

• Black Obsidian: For spiritual protection

• Aquamarine: For clear communication