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Teacher's Pack

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Teaching is a beautiful gift to share with the world, but it comes with a side of chaos and disorder. To empower students, touch their lives and make a meaningful difference, you must break through the frantic energy with peace and positivity.

This crystal pack helps you create a purposeful space; one where patience and understanding lead the way, where deep learning is encouraged, and where focus is enhanced. As the leader, these feelings are ignited by your approach — as you subconsciously reflect your internal monologue into the outside world, becoming infused in the impressionable minds who surround you. Lean on these crystals to soothe stress and help you create a calming, empowering environment, as you support and uplift students to the highest degree. 

In this pack, you will find each of the following tumbled crystals:

• Dumortierite: For patience and understanding

• Mookaite: For focus

• Amethyst: For calming energy

• White Howlite: For soothing stress and frantic energy

Clear Quartz: For support and uplifting