Protection Set

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Juno by Plutocracy
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꩜ P R O T E C T I O N  S E T

Intuitively chosen droplet accompanied with a mini Evil Eye - pick your crystal of trust the Botanical H2o team's vibe.

The Evil Eye Charms stares back at the world to ward off the Evil Eye and keep you safe.

The deep dark blue colour represents the good karma, positive energies, and protection against the Evil Eye.

The light blue represents the colour of the sky and symbolises truth.

Powerful on her own, but potent when accompanied with crystal magic.


Amethyst: protects you during travel and from nightmares, and insomnia, fights anxiety.

Black Tourmaline: shields your energy from others negativity and toxic behaviour - great for front-line/retail workers.

Clear Quartz: deflects negativity and welcomes positivity, amplifying the Evil Eye.

Emerald: protects against spells and malevolent spirits.

Labradorite: combats self-inflicted negative thought patterns, as well as jealousy.

Moonstone: reinforces your psychic barriers and deflects spiritual attacks.

Smoky Quartz: protects you from disturbances and chaos emerging from your surroundings.

Our staff will intuitively chose the droplet we feel drawn to for you, we will try to be mindful of your past orders.