What are the chains made of?

The gold & rose gold are 14k gold electroplated & the silver is real silver electroplated. 

All of Botanical H2o's jewelry is nickel free & comes with a protective coating over the gold, rose gold & silver to prolong the durability of the plating and to help keep them from tarnishing, this protective layer is susceptible to wear and tear so please follow our care instructions to maximize the life and quality of your jewelry. 

To ensure the longevity of your jewelry, please do not:

- Wear your jewelry in the shower, in water (pool, bath or beach) or to the gym. 

- Spray perfume or lotions directly on to them as the chemicals may react with the plating and cause it to wear off.

- Sleep in them

Excessive light, heat or moisture will deteriorate the quality of plating on the metal.

Tarnishing may naturally occur over time.

What is the wire made of?

The wire is made from copper with a tarnish resistant coating and of great quality.  

Can I wear it in the shower?

We would not recommend wearing your crystal necklace in the shower. Not only will it reduce the quality of the chain and wire, some crystals can not get wet - for example Selenite, Malachite, Pyrite & Peacock Ore. 

Do you do custom orders?
Please contact us regarding custom orders. 

How do I order?
Our website is restocked every month with new handcrafted jewels. We are available online and also in selective retail stores Australia & New Zealand wide. 

Where do you get your Crystals from?

We hand pick every single one of our crystals. We have a local supplier (who is amazing). In the creation process I choose crystals that I feel a connection with because I know that I have been drawn to it for a reason and that it will find it's new owner through me. I sage/cleanse every single one of them when I get home so that they are pure and recharged - also because multiple people have picked them up & touched them and Crystals retain that energy.

How do I know which Crystal I need?

Something we always tell people is that the Crystal will literally jump out at you, you will be drawn to it and feel deep inside that you NEED it. Listen to your intuition :)

Do you offer wholesale?

We are always looking for new Stockists that we vibe with! Please email us on admin@botanicalh2o.com.au to apply

Shipping, how long will the delivery take and what are the costs?

All orders will be processed within 3-5 business days. Delivery will then take:


Express - $13 (2-4 business days once dispatched - dispatch is up to 3 business days)

Standard - $11 (3-10 business days once dispatched - dispatch is up to 3-5 business days)


Pricing varies depending on your country and delivery can take up to four weeks through Australia Post. 

We will endeavour to get your order processed as quickly as we can however we can not be responsible for how long Australia Post takes to deliver your item.

If you choose to have any parcels from Botanical H2o delivered to your address and the parcel goes missing after delivery you will need to contact Australia Post directly and lodge a report with your local police office.

All orders will come with a tracking number. 

In-store pick-up, how does it work?

Location: Botanical H2o The Boutique11/38 Mandurah Terrace, 6210 Mandurah 
The above is the ONLY location we will be able to fulfill your pick-up order from.
- Your order will be ready within 5 business days for pick-up
- You will receive an email when it is available in-store
- You must collect your order within 5 business days from the email
- Do not select pick-up unless you are collecting from the Boutique in Mandurah. If you wish for it to be delivered please ensure you pay for shipping.

Any other questions?
Don't hesitate to get in contact :)