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Rose Aura Quartz Tumble

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 Chakra: Heart

Rose Aura Quartz is a Rose Quartz crystal that has been bonded with Aura metal to create a rainbow effect. This does not affect the crystals abilities, in fact, it amplifies them. Rose Aura Quartz ignites unstoppable love, which begins inside as self-love. It teaches you to be compassionate and accepting of yourself, so you continuously show up in the most authentic way. As your confidence grows, you will effortlessly attract loving relationships, which leads you to be celebrated and appreciated. Hold Rose Aura Quartz close as you lean into the version of you that is cherished and loved; this crystal helps you accept it wholeheartedly. It also radiates a gentle, healing feminine energy that is known to assist women pre-, during and post-pregnancy. 

  * This listing is for 1 tumble. Tumble size approximately 2-3cm.