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Droplet Only - Amethyst

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Chakra: Third Eye

Feeling off balance? Ground yourself with Amethyst, a crystal known for its ability to support emotional and mental wellbeing. With healing properties radiating from its famous purple hue, Amethyst settles your mind and balances your mood, inspiring patience and levelheadedness to carry you through each day. Instead of anxiousness and irritability, Amethyst boosts awareness, intuition and focus. It reduces stress and soothes feelings of emotional pain, bringing a natural tranquility to your mind — and helping you connect to spiritual wisdom. Amethyst encourages inner strength and peace, keeping you centred through every storm and calm through every moment life throws at you. When placed in your space, this crystal infuses serenity into every corner. Amethyst is closely connected to intuition, so pick it up when you feel its pull.