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Droplet Only - Aquamarine

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Chakra: Heart and Throat

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Aquamarine, the crystal of the sea, is here to support you in times of need. Aquamarine boosts your energy when youre feeling lethargic or avoidant, revitalising your confidence and self-worth in an unstoppable way. As you connect with your inner power, you may feel inspired to speak the truth, even if you lack courage. Lean into this feeling, because its a signal of your deepening connection with yourself. It shows that you trust your own wisdom and intuition, which encourages those anxiety-inducing thoughts to fall away, piece by piece, as you gain confidence to handle anything life throws at you. It helps heighten your courage when you are handling grief or pain. Just like the tide rises again, you will too. Feel it when you hold this empowering crystal close.