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Droplet Only - Garnet

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Chakra: Root and Sacral

Want to connect to your fierce, fiery side? Garnet represents the creation of life, passion and sensuality  and it uses this energy to force positive change into your life. Garnet releases a grounded, passionate energy flow through your body. It decimates stagnant energy that you aim to grow apart from, then replaces it with strength to tackle daily tasks  the opposite of sinking into a slump. Garnet keeps your emotions under control while infusing your energy with creativity and courage. It encourages deep change and transformation where you need it, including in the bedroom, as Garnet boosts libido and romantic vibes. From self-love to sexual energy, this fiery crystal ignites your deepest desires and shows you how to claim them into your life. Wear Garnet to feel unstoppable and in control.