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Droplet Only - Pink Tourmaline

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Chakra: Heart

Craving a hug? This crystal will give you one. Pink Tourmaline releases a gentle flow of energy through your body, leaving you with warm, fuzzy feelings of embrace. As it emits its loving flow, Pink Tourmaline encourages you to let go of stress and anxious thoughts, which are pushed away and replaced with positive vibes. This crystal is a healer, so it may ignite a journey through past trauma, heartbreak, emotional wounds, scars and destructive thoughts. Pink Tourmaline will hold your hand during this healing process, supporting and guiding you through it. It also serves as a reminder to look after yourself, because you’re worthy of that big bear hug — perhaps the one that your inner child needs in order to heal. Hold Pink Tourmaline close as you build consistent, unbreakable self-love.